Used in the surface heating of tanks, as the heat source in industrial ovens and for heating air or other inert gases, Tempco manufactured strip heaters are ideal for many industrial applications.

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Common Applications⬇️

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-Air Heating




-Food Warmers

-Hot Plates






-Sealing Bars

-Tank Heating


-Welding Preheating



Channel Strip Heaters

Ceramic Insulated Channel Strip Heaters can attain higher temperatures up to (1200°F 650°C) then mica and Maxistrip heaters, and can withstand contamination better than mica strip heaters.


Finned Channel Strip Heaters

Ceramic Insulated Finned Channel Strip Heaters are ideal for both forced air in a duct and natural convection air heating in a cabinet type oven.


Maxistrip Heaters

Maxistrip Heaters rugged construction characteristics are specially designed and engineered for efficient heating of flat surfaces. Crown nuts securely fasten the cover plate to the aluminum track, keeping contaminants from coming in direct contact with the tubular heating element. Maximum sheath temperature of the heating element is 650°F (343°C).


Mica Insulated Strip Heaters

Our Mica Insulated strip heaters are an economical, practical and reliable heat source capable of providing uniform heat transfer for sheath temperatures up to 900°F (482°C). For corrosive atmospheres stainless steel sheath is available.

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