Infrared radiant heat energy can be delivered to concentrated areas at a very fast rate with individual heaters or heater arrays.

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Animal Warming


Food Production Processes

Food Warming

Heat Treating

Moisture Removal

Non-Contact Heating

Paint Drying

Plastics Heating



Ceramic E-Mitters operate in the 2.5µm to 6µm range and are available in industry standard sizes. They are unaffected by vibration or adverse atmospheric conditions and under normal conditions have a continuous operating life in excess of 10,000 hours.


Gemini® Twin Bore IR Heaters

Gemini is an industry standard twin bore quartz tube format with 95% heat transmittance. High power densities are achievable: 42/51/63.5 w/in (16/20/25 w/cm), with fast heat-up rates — less than one minute to reach steady state conditions. These heaters have a very long operating life – over 10,000 hours of highly efficient and economical continuous operation – and come in three industry standard sizes in lengths up to 118 in. (3000mm).


The placement of the resistance coils is carefully designed to provide uniform heat distribution. The refractory material is backed by layers of insulation to minimize back heat loss. The standard housing is made of heavy gauge aluminized steel. Optional housing materials include 304 Stainless Steel. The backside of the housing has a terminal box for electrical wiring with ceramic terminal bushings and stainless steel screw terminals. Options available include: Standard quartz tube thermowell and clamp on the short side, standard Type K or J 1/8" diameter thermocouple probes and various back mounted thermowell/thermocouple combinations.


Quartz Mini-Tube IR E-Mitters

KTE and KTG Quartz Mini-Tube Infrared Heaters operate in the 2.5µm to 6µm range and are available in industry standard sizes. They have a Rapid response time — 2.5 to 7.5 deg F / sec. heat-up / cool-down rates, depending on unit watt density and are suitable for horizontal or vertical operation with the tubes in the horizontal plane. Designed for use in CRA linear structural housings and ARV array assembly


Quartz Tubular Elements

Radiant Quartz heaters are ideally suited for processes that require wavelengths in the medium 4.0-2.4 micron band for efficient operation. These heaters are capable of generating full heat output in 80-100 seconds with a cool-down range of 180-225 seconds depending on the mass of the resistance coil and power density level. They offer excellent life when used in either rapid cycling or continuous radiant heating applications.


Sealed IR Quartz Lamps

Sealed IR Quartz Lamps have a fast filament response. High power densities are possible with these lamps – 100 watts per inch per filament standard, up to 200 w/in in special cases. Different filament temperatures are available to produce wavelengths to suit heating different materials.


Tubular Radiant Heaters

The Universal 2000 Radiant Heater can be used in applications requiring a single unit or as modules creating various configurations for process radiant heating systems. Universal 2000 Radiant Heaters are available in a full range of standard construction variations, physical dimensions and electrical ratings. They are also available in custom engineered/manufactured units up to 132" (3353 mm) for series TRH1, 4 and 6. TRH3 and 5 series units are available up to 120" (3048 mm) lengths. Special electrical ratings, single end wiring, dual voltage, multiple heat designs, along with pre-wired units using flexible/rigid conduit or SJO cord/plug can be custom designed to fit your application. Direct retrofit to existing applications.

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