Capable of operating with excellent performance under many adverse conditions, the low thermal mass of Tempco manufactured flexible heaters makes them ideal for use in applications where the space for placing a heater is limited and weight is a concern.

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Common Applications⬇️

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Air Horns

Aircraft Comfort Heaters

Airplane Propeller Repair

Animal Feeders

ATM Machines



Battery Heaters

Computer Memory Planes

Copy Machines

Credit Card Scanners


Drum Heaters

Food Service Equipment

Graphic Arts Equipment

Guidance Systems


Heated Presses


Laboratory Equipment


Liquid Reservoirs

Medical Equipment

Mirror Heaters

Optical Equipment

Outdoor Antennas

Packaging Machinery

Photo Processing

Recovery Systems

Refrigeration Equipment

Security Equipment

Semiconductor Equipment

Shoe Machinery

Turbine Propeller Repair

Vacuum Chamber

Vending Machines

X-Ray Processing



Silicone Rubber Heaters are thin, flexible, moisture and chemical resistant electric heaters that can be used up to 500°F/260°C intermittent and 392°F/200°C continuous. They are physically resistant to moisture, ozone, fungus and radiation. They are manufactured in two constructions: Wire Wound and Etched Foil.


Kapton Heaters are thin, light weight and are suitable for harsh environments, vacuum applications and can be used up to 392°F. The etched foil heater has exceptional heat transfer compared to wire wound elements, due to its large flat surface area. It can deliver more uniform heat profiles with higher watt densities, providing longer operating heater life. It can also be zoned with distributed wattage or separate heating circuits to compensate for load variations. The etched foil process is recommended for small size heaters in large quantities.


Silicone Rubber Heater Blankets are used in the composite industry to bond and cure composite structures because of their strength, durability, flexibility and overall temperature uniformity.


Silicone Rubber Heaters for PVC pipe bending preheat PVC plastic pipes ranging prior to forming at a job site. They can be used on piping ranging in diameter from 1/2 inch to 4 inches.


These flexible Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters are tough and long lasting drum heaters that are resistant to chemicals and are easy to clean. They feature an adjustable thermostat, SJO Type three-prong power cord, internal ground screen and optional Hazardous Area Rated design.

Operating Temperature: 425°F (218°C)


Unlike other straight element heating wires and tapes, knitting in Duo-Tape allows for cushioning during heating and cooling. The element expands in all directions rather than one, virtually eliminating “thermal growth.” In addition, knitting prevents the tape from tensile stress when stretched (a typical problem of elements applied to flexible hoses). A second Silicone Rubber heating tape is available a thermostat or time percentage control.


Adhesive Backed Heating Tape can be directly wrapped around tubes, pipes or vessels placing heat exactly where it is needed. The outer aluminum sheath spreads heat evenly over the entire surface of the tape and also reflects heat back onto the load. The end result is a highly efficient heating source with maximum heat being transferred to the desired material. The Heat Tape is sold in 50 or 100 ft. rolls and accessories, to make up heater assemblies to fit your needs.


By utilizing printed thick film technology, the heaters can more efficiently spread the heat across the surface, and are more cost effective systems when compared to etched foil or wire elements. The ink can be designed in various patterns and densities, concentrating power exactly where it is needed. The element traces can be widened or narrowed to allow for cutouts and holes.

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